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The ECE-STORAGE channel storage system is the compact high-bay storage solution by ECE-LOG. The ECE-STORAGE system is particularly impressive thanks to its high efficiency, low energy consumption and low space requirements in comparison to conventional STC systems.

Save up to 50%

  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Space savings of up to 35%
  • Flexibility and safe storage
  • Optimum occupational safety
  • Throughput rates of up to 1,500 pallets per hour




Possible applications

The possible applications of the flexible storage system range from fully automated high-speed storage facilities for industry leaders to semi-automated compact storage solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

Thanks to the variety of possible uses and the ability to be easily expanded, ECE-STORAGE is completely future-proof!

Up to 62% reduction in CO2 reduction in CO2

One reason for the optimised CO2 footprint is the use of wood glue binder as a constructive component of roof and rack structures. It assumes the role of steel within the bearing structure of roof and rack constructions.

The system advantages of the glue binder are e.g. an increased fire protection level, optimum corrosion control and short construction periods.

Space savings of up to 35% Space saving

The fact that the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system's design is up to 35% more compact results from a central aisle with storage channels arranged laterally on either side. By eliminating unnecessary aisles, up to 35% of floor space can be saved in comparison to conventional STC (stacker crane) storage systems. In addition, the max. overall/storage height of 50m allows the floor space to be reduced even further.

Energy savings of up to 50% Energy saving

Innovative solutions allow for energy savings and therefore the reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 50% in comparison to conventional STC (stacker crane) storage systems. The operating costs will therefore be considerably reduced and the environment protected. This efficiency is achieved by the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system of ECE-LOG through

  • the use of multiple-load carriers and the intelligent Warehouse Management System of ECE-LOG. This increases the efficiency of the transport vehicles by more than 100%.
  • an optimised weight with the handling systems used. Optimum payload ratios of only 1.1 (net weight of the handling system to payload) improve the system's efficiency and help considerably reduce the energy consumption of the overall system.

Innovative control concepts in the field of material handling systems and the use of state-of-the-art power electronics ensure optimum handling of your products and e.g. recovery of braking energy.

Flexibility and safe storage flexibility and save storage

Thanks to the system design, the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system allows for the flexible use of the most diverse load carriers such as Euro and industrial pallets in one single storage system.

Thanks to the variable uses possible with a system sub-pallet, the most diverse products can be safely handled and stored even without any additional load carriers. Furthermore, this method is characterised by its insensitivity to alterations in the pallet base and poor quality of load carriers.

Thanks to this flexibility, the implementation of future product modifications and market requirements will be much easier.

Optimum occupational safety Optimum occupational safety

An optimum occupational safety is ensured by easy access to the storage levels of the ECE-STORAGE channel storage system. In contrast to conventional STC (stacker crane) storage systems, the storage levels are accessible via a safe staircase (optionally, installation of a passenger lift is also possible) and not via a ladder. This will make it easier and, above all, safer for you to operate and maintain the overall system. Moreover, the quick and safe accessibility of the plant components considerably increases plant availability.

Throughput rates of up to 1,500 pallets per hour Throughput rates

Storage and retrieval performance of 1,500 pallets per hour and more are achieved by ECE-STORAGE through the separation of horizontal and vertical material flows. Thanks to the independent operation of the handling systems, the ECE-STORAGE allows the implementation of an extremely dynamic high-bay storage system.

Saving personnel and external storage costs Saving

The process automation and optimisation linked to the implementation of ECE-STORAGE will help you save personnel and external costs (e.g. external storage and additional transport costs). This considerably increases the efficiency of your business and thus helps achieve lasting success and secure the existence of your company.

Damage-free handling and storage Damage-free handling and storage

A handling and storage system optimally adapted to your products ensures damage-free handling and storage of your products. This allows internal processes to be improved, supply capability to be increased and handling costs to be reduced.

Real-time warehouse management Real-time warehouse management

From storage to loading, your products will be monitored and controlled by the Warehouse Management System of ECE-LOG in real time. At the same time, your internal processes are transparently displayed by means of a user-friendly visualisation system and documented in the form of various reports. Furthermore, the ECE-STORAGE Warehouse Management System optimises your internal handling tasks and helps achieve increased efficiency of the storage system. The Warehouse Management System has system interfaces such as SAP, Navision and SATSTORE as standard. If your IT environment requires further interfaces, these will be adapted on a project-specific basis.



Maximum plant availability Maximum plant availability

Tried and tested standardised handling systems guarantee maximum plant availability and minimum operating costs thanks to low maintenance requirements.

Moreover, the redundantly structured Warehouse Management System of ECE-LOG also ensures maximum reliability for your ECE-STORAGE channel storage system.

With its service and maintenance concept, ECE-LOG additionally offers optimum support even after completion of your ECE-STORAGE channel storage system.

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