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BT-Anlagenbau News

Project Paloma reaches its final phase

Unbeatable expertise combined in one project. Countdown ends in May.


The adventure continues

New year-end order peak requires additional employees


Trainee & Mentor of the Year 2023

Trainee with the Best Performance 2023



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BT-Anlagenbau is the future

How charitable contributions provide sustainable help.


BT-Anlagenbau Schnapsen card playing tournament 2023

Managing Director Gerald Kreiner reigns victorious


BT-Anlagenbau at the dance hall

What rock ‘n’ roll and control cabinets have in common



18 languages

one Mission



Next-Level switchgear manufacturing

How BT-Anlagenbau makes history



Fit for the future with solar power systems

Satisfied private customers give their feedback


ECE-LOG The general contractor

A highly interesting workplace for motivated employees


Safety provides Safety

How BT-Anlagenbau rethinks switch cabinet wiring and delivers on time


Girls‘ Day 2023 at BT-Anlagenbau

Because careers don't care about gender


Trainee & Mentor of the Year 2022

Trainee with the Best Performance 2022



Construction finesse with added value for the region

ECE-LOG builds warehouse on a production hall in Slovenia and Styrians benefit.

Carinthia promotes talent

Styrian Inmoov reborn BT-Anlagenbau robotics team was awarded!


Schnapsen card playing tournament 2022

at BT-Anlagenbau


High demands on employers

How work-life balance can work.


Provincial Energy Globe STYRIA AWARD 2022

Award for the “Das Ritter – Innovation trifft Vision” project. And the HSE-team was there!

BT-Anlagenbau turns 35 - a reason to celebrate!

Anniversary celebrations in Ludersdorf


World champions in the news

Bangok: HTL Weiz wins world championship title with the
inmoov BT-Anlagenbau humanoid robot.

Mister inmoov wins in RoboCup Junior Austrian Open 2022

The robotics team from HTL Weiz wins by a large margin in the most
important competition in the industry.

BT-Anlagenbau speaks 15 languages

Remarkably international


BT-Anlagenbau News - Auftragsverdoppelung

Double order intake

As a result, the company is looking for new employees


BT-Anlagenbau News - Trainee of the year

Trainee of the Year 2021: Marvin Rath

Mentoring programme for BT-Anlagenbau prospects