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image processing systems

Image processing deals with the automatic extraction of information from images. This simple task for us humans can quickly become a great challenge for the computer. Depending on the desired information, a wide variety of camera systems can be used. From the simple color camera to complex spectrometers, the right sensors must be selected for every task.



Our company has been developing image processing solutions since 2001 in order to solve these tasks in industry as efficiently as possible. We offer a wide range of software products: from real-time sorting and optimized operating tools to sophisticated interfaces and analysis tools.

Our sorting system software is used exclusively on the REDWAVE machines in the areas of recycling, waste and mining industry, since 2012 these products are also used in our quality control systems for many other branches of industry.

We offer:
  • Consistent 24 x 7 operation
  • High networkability of the systems with OPC, SQL, and much more.
  • Variety of supported high-end sensors
  • Maximum computing performance thanks to real-time and GPUs
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms


REDWAVE product line

In order to meet the high demands that BT-Wolfgang Binder places on the REDWAVE product, we have been constantly working on the success of our sorting software for over two decades.

A comprehensive software package is used for this. Starting with an easy-to-use assistant, through a networked user interface, to the plant optimization software, which monitors the material flows in the plant and calibrates the sorting performance of the machines, we offer a complete software solution for the REDWAVE product.


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Quality control systems

Our software is also used in tailor-made quality control systems for the automatic control of industrial processes. We offer additional solutions for this, such as the historization of recorded product data or fully automatic shift logging.



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BT-Anlagenbau is specialist and general contractor for plant construction in the area of storage technology and intralogistics, automation technology, image processing, switchgear manufacturing and electrical industrial installations. Our products are successfully deployed all over the world and stand for efficiency and quality.

We advise you from the initial planning phase to the successful completion of the project. Naturally, all our products comply with the latest current regulations and of course we are ISO & SCC certified.

The company


Projects realized worldwide

Here you can see a small selection of projects that have been realized by BT-Anlagenbau.

We would be happy to send you a list of our references: simply send us an email or give us a call and we will take care of your concerns immediately.