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Tailor-made for the highest demands

SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard: safe, flexible and efficient.


A safe power distribution that can be adjusted

Whether in industrial plants, in buildings or in the infrastructure: Even a small disruption in the energy supply can have serious consequences - not only for the operation of industry or buildings, but above all for people. The highest demands should therefore rightly be placed on the security of power distribution.


Coordinated and compliant with standards: Systematic power distribution

Planung, Ausführung und Betrieb der Energieverteilung lassen sich mit unseren Produkten und Systemen sicher, flexibel und effizient realisieren. Die Niederspannungs-Schaltanlage SIVACON S8 und die SENTRON Komponenten sind perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt und geprüft. Dadurch werden nicht nur Investitionskosten und -risiken spürbar gesenkt, auch die Anlagenverfügbarkeit erhöht sich – und zwar während des gesamten Nutzungszeitraums.


Normkonform: IEC 61439

Since 2014, all low-voltage switchgear assemblies in the European Economic Area have had to comply with the IEC 61439 standard.

Compared to the old IEC 60439 standard, IEC 61439 describes clear areas of responsibility - divided into the tasks of an »original manufacturer« and those of a »manufacturer of a switchgear assembly«. The "original manufacturer" (e.g. Siemens) is the company that carried out the original design and associated verification of the switchgear assembly according to the relevant switchgear assembly standard.

With the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard, customers are always on the safe side: It has a design verification according to IEC 61439-1/2.


BT-Anlagenbau uses the system that sets new standards in power distribution for industrial applications: SIEMENS Sivacon S8. Advantages of the system: minimized downtimes with simultaneous optimized utilization, adaptable and expandable thanks to the modular system structure.


SIVACON S8: for the highest demands

Safe down to the last detail
The SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard ensures a high level of safety for people and the system. The continuous testing according to IEC 61641 or VDE 0660 Part 500-2 guarantees safety in the event of an arc fault. Many well thought-out details such as a reduced use of plastic parts or the insulated main busbar ensure a high level of safety and system availability. The liability risk is therefore low.

Flexible and adaptable
Thanks to its modular component concept and a wide variety of parts, the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard can be used to meet all individual requirements. The vertical field distribution busbars, for example, enable taps in the smallest grids thanks to their design as profile busbars or flat copper. Furthermore, the carriers of the switching devices have a modular design and can be staggered in depth.

Efficient throughout the process
More than 320,000 switch panels have already been brought onto the market by SIVACON Technology Partners. This shows that technologically demanding solutions can be efficiently implemented with the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard. With the SIMARIS software tools, power distribution is easy to plan and the distributor can be configured quickly: The result is time savings and planning security throughout the entire process.

To use
  • The focus is on maximum safety for people and the system
  • The modular building block concept and high variety of parts ensure flexibility in construction
  • Technologically demanding solutions can be implemented efficiently




Whether in industrial applications or in infrastructure –
our consistent portfolio of products and systems
offers safe, economical and flexible application options
for low-voltage power distribution and
electrical installation technology.

SIVACON S8 – system overview


1 Circuit breaker

2 Universal installation

3 Fixed installation

4 In-line technology,
plugged in
5 In-line technology,
permanently installed
6 Image performance
  • Fixed installation
  • Slide-in technology
  • Fixed installation with compartment doors
  • Plug-in technology
  • Fixed installation
  • Slide-in technology
Fixed installation with front panelsPlug-in technologyFixed installation
  • Feed
  • Departure
  • Coupling
Cable outletsCable outletsCable outletsCable outletsCentral compensation of reactive power
Rated valuesup to 630 Aup to 630 Aup to 630 Aup to 630 Aup to 630 A 
  • Unchoked up to 60 kvar
  • Choke up to 500 kvar
Connection typeFront or backFront or backFrontFrontFrontFront
Field width (mm)400, 600, 800, 1.000, 1.400600, 1.000, 1.2001.000, 1.2001.000, 1.200600, 800, 1.000800
Inner subdivisionForm 1, 2b, 3a, 4b, 4 Type 7 (BS)Form 3b, 4a, 4b, 4 Type 7 (BS)Form 1, 2b, 3b, 4a, 4bForm 3b, 4bForm 1, 2bForm 1, 2b
Busbar positionAbove, behindAbove, behindAbove, behindAbove, behindRearWithout, above, behind


SIVACON S8 - Features

Variable busbar positions
up to 6,300 A


Variable busbar positions
rear up to 7,000 A (top and/or bottom)


Plug-in rail system, covered to protect against test fingers
(IP 20B) for quick and easy replacement of fuse switch disconnectors


Optimal connection conditions
in the rail connection room


The multi-profile rail
allows the simple installation of built-in devices



Fields for reactive power compensation
with design verification according to IEC 61439 reduce transmission losses


Overview of the power distribution
through a uniform designation system for
fields and outlets


Modern appearance
through design elements such as a side wall or optionally add-on base



SIVACON S8 - easy integration of components

low voltage power distribution

 FunctionSpecial featuresCommunication skills
Open circuit breaker 3WL 
  • Protection of people and systems against overload and short circuits
  • VVarious sizes enable flexible use
  • Fixed installation and slide-in technology for quick and easy maintenance
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Early error detection through connection to higher-level control systems
Molded case circuit breaker 3VA 
  • High personal and plant safety
  • Integrated measurement function
  • High switching capacity with a compact design
  • Excellent selectivity properties
  • Extensive range of accessories for flexible function extensions
  • Support for all common communication options: Transparency of switching states and energy flows
Fuse switch disconnector 3NJ4 
  • Load switching and disconnecting in one system
  • Fast triggering characteristics of the fuses to avoid damage to systems and machines
  • Large variety of connection options
Fuse switch disconnector 3NP1 
  • Reliable personal and system protection
  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • Faster and safer conversion
  • Switch position indicator and fuse monitoring: integrated grid monitoring to ensure system availability
Load-break switches with fuses 3NJ6 
  • Reliable personal and system protection
  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • Easy replacement of the strips
  • High switching capacity
Measuring device 7KM PAC 
  • Precise and reliable recording of the energy values ​​for feed-in, electrical outlets or individual consumers
  • Power quality analysis
  • Simple connection to higher-level energy management systems
  • Transparency of the energy flows and recording of the system status and network quality
Miniature circuit breakers 5SY, RCD circuit breaker 5SM3, 5SU RCBOs 
  • Extensive protection of people and systems from damage caused by fire, electric shock, lightning and overvoltage
  • Uniform and consistent accessories
  • Functional design
  • Connection to management systems
Security systems NEOZED, DIAZED, NH 
  • Safe and quick shutdown to protect against overload and short circuits
  • Comprehensive portfolio for all applications


SIVACON S8 – 8 good arguments for efficiency

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard makes it possible to efficiently implement technologically sophisticated solutions. The proof: More than 320,000 switch panels have already been installed by SIVACON Technology partners in a wide variety of applications.



Economic construction
  • Circuit breaker panel offers space for up to three circuit breakers
  • Flexible installation technology: Fixed installation or slide-in technology for easy maintenance
Efficient and flexible working
  • High packing density with up to 35 outlets per field
  • Fast changeover under operating conditions

Reduced service times

Reduced service times thanks to maintenance-free busbar connections


Patented ventilation slots

The patented ventilation slots ensure reduced maintenance

  • Cleaning is also possible with the door closed and from the outside
  • Low repair costs
Patented connection terminals

The patented connection terminals are safe, flexible and easy to connect - during installation and for any later changes.

Reliable partner
  • Highest technical progress through continuous innovation ensures the best quality
  • Brand strength combined with many years of expertise and the proximity of a local partner


Efficient and flexible working
  • High packing density with up to 35 outlets per field
  • Fast changeover under operating conditions


Easy to integrate

The innovative, communication-capable SENTRON components can be easily integrated

  • System states and energy flows become transparent
  • For energy-efficient operation of the system

Connection to energy management, control or automation systems

Reduce energy costs, increase system availability

In order for industrial plants to run economically, their utilization must be continuously optimized and downtimes reduced. The 7KT/7KM PAC measuring devices that can be integrated into the switchgear and the communication-capable 3WL/3VL/3VA circuit breakers provide support here.


They precisely and reliably record energy values ​​for electrical outlets or individual consumers. Because only those who know the power consumption can reduce the energy costs. Thanks to their wide range of communication options, the devices can be easily integrated into higher-level automation and energy management systems for further processing of the measurement data. The communication-capable devices supply important measured values ​​via standardized bus systems for assessing the system status and the network quality.

  • Transparency of system states and preventive error avoidance
  • Increase system availability
  • Identify potential savings through transparency of energy flows
    reduce energy costs

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