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General contractor

With many years of experience and numerous general contracting projects successfully completed all over the world, ECE-LOG is your partner in the area of storage and intralogistics.

From planning to the hand-over of turnkey facilities, we take charge of all necessary tasks for you. As your partner, we assist you right from the beginning and offer comprehensive services for your facility even after hand-over.

Save up to 50%

  • Many years of experience in planning
  • Minimisation of project interfaces
  • Adherence to deadlines & budgets
  • Professional commissioning of the facility
  • Customer Service











Concept Phase
  • Definition of requirements
  • Material and process flow diagrams
  • Solution approaches
  • Reference visits
Project Development
  • Development of design concept
  • Tender procedures
  • Cost estimation
Project Execution
  • Submission planning
  • Project coordination and milestone monitoring
  • Coordination of the subcontractors
Building Site & Installation
  • Health & Safety (SCC certified)
  • Permanent quality assurance
  • Site coordination
  • Overall commissioning
  • Training of the plant personnel
  • Start-up phase
Customer service
  • Remote support
  • Service contracts
  • Preventive services




Many years of experience in planning:

Depending on your requirements and by applying our long-standing experience, we support you and your system designer during the essential planning phase with:


  • System & requirements analyses
  • Concept planning
  • Simulations
  • Budgeting

In the scope of the detailed planning of facilities, we not only provide you with precise logistics and execution planning but also with all documents required for your building application. According to your requirements, we deliver:

  • Geological surveys
  • Fire protection analyses
  • Application planning
  • 3D facility visualisation
  • Simulations

In that, the objective is the minimization of CO2 emissions over the entire lifecycle of the logistics system, starting with erection and operation up to recycling.

As a general contractor, we have made minimising project interfaces our mission. Our goal is to deliver complete turnkey systems. As our customer, BT-Anlagenbau is your competent partner, taking charge of the coordination, execution and inspection of the individual sub-works for you.

BT-Anlagenbau provides you with the following services:

  • Soil conditioning, imported backfill, amelioration, pile foundation
  • All construction works for the foundation slab, loading facilities, office buildings, bridge construction, outdoor facilities
  • Steel construction works: high-bay storage facilities as rack-supported structures or in-house systems, building and bridge construction, conveyor bridges
  • Fire protection system: water supply, sprinkler systems, fire and smoke detectors, hydrants, fire-resistant gates, smoke and heat venting systems
  • Roof and façade systems: foil roofs, panel or cassette cladding, upgraded insulation, roof drainage, lightning protection
  • Material handling systems for any kind of pallets, rolls in horizontal and vertical position, incl. drive and control technology

The exact limits of supply will be adapted to your wishes. Upon request, BT-Anlagenbau integrates local suppliers or suppliers proposed by you into the project.

As a general contractor, ECE-LOG guarantees the shortest possible completion times and absolute compliance with estimated costs.
This guarantees the required project reliability and ensures you can use your facility within the fastest possible time.

Staff training specifically tailored to your needs supports you and your personnel when commissioning the facility.
This is how we guarantee you will obtain use value as soon as possible.
Upon request, ECE-LOG will take complete charge of the facility's initial operation. It also possible to outsource the entire facility operation to ECE-LOG.

One reason for the optimised CO2 footprint is the use of wood as constructive component of roof and rack structures. Here, wood glue binders assume the role of steel within the bearing structure of roof and rack constructions, providing the following system advantages:

  • Improved CO2-footprint
  • Increased level of fire protection
  • Optimum corrosion control
  • Short construction period

By involving local companies operating within your vicinity, the emissions produced during construction of the facility are significantly reduced. Moreover, this strengthens local businesses and provides good basic conditions for servicing of the facility which may be required in the future.

The selection of the thermal insulation considerably influences the emissions produced later during the operation of the facility. Because, depending on the product, energy will have to be used for heating and cooling the overall facility.

Alternative heating and cooling systems, such as solar heating and cooling or heat pump technology, can significantly reduce energy demand and, consequently, emissions. Moreover, by using locally available energies to heat and cool your plant, you will improve your personal CO2 footprint and the environmental image of your company.

Based on the constructive advantages of ECE-STORAGE for reducing moving masses, the concept was extended by the use of special energy-efficient drive technology for improving the carbon footprint of the overall system.

Projects realised worldwide: