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Assembly hall Brodersdorf

The assembly hall in Brodersdorf takes shape.

In Brodersdorf, a small community near Gleisdorf, the assembly hall of the BT-Group is currently taking shape. In about 5000 m² of hall area, machines of BT-Group subsidiary companies will undergo final assembly and quality assurance inspection before being dispatched. The main hall and the communal area are finished and will soon be available for occupation.

During construction of the hall emphasis has been placed on the latest technology and design. For illumination only LED lights will be used, which are very economical to operate and require little maintenance. All the windows of the hall are printed with a special pattern in order to reduce the solar radiation.

For the floor of the hall a particularly high-quality, load -bearing and easy-care floor covering in terracotta color has been selected. The same floor has also been used for many years at BT–Anlagenbau, a member of the BT- Group. The hall is equipped with four cranes, two l kW docking sites and four entrance doorways for the loading and unloading of high-quality machines (REDWAVES, Trolleys, ECE movers, etc.) and all the required components.

On the southern side of the hall a two-story communal area has been built. This serves as a lounge and foremen’s office. It also includes all the building services for the hall and the already furnished office tower (which will shortly undergo a phase 2 expansion).

In the second story a meeting room is furnished with a large picture window overlooking the hall. Here we will be able to allow our customers to get closer to the assembly progress. Heating for the main hall, communal area and office buildings is by natural gas. In addition to the main features mentioned above the assembly hall will be connected via a bridge to the office building in the phase 2 extension, with construction expected to end 2014. The planned office tower with its six floors will be the new location for our ECE-LOG department. Here the already internationally established ECE storage systems will be further developed.

Facts & figures:

  • ca. 5000 m² final assembly area
  • ca. 400 m² communal area
  • 4 havy duty cranes each with a capacity of 10 tons
  • ca. 100 LED lighting units
  • Gas ceiling heating
  • Completion April 2014

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