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Mister inmoov wins in RoboCup Junior Austrian Open 2022

The robotics team from HTL Weiz wins by a large margin in the most
important competition in the industry.

BT-Anlagenbau speaks 15 languages

Remarkably international


BT-Anlagenbau News - Auftragsverdoppelung

Double order intake

As a result, the company is looking for new employees


BT-Anlagenbau News - Trainee of the year

Trainee of the Year 2021: Marvin Rath

Mentoring programme for BT-Anlagenbau prospects

Technology is tasty

BT-Anlagenbau is changing the food industry.


Supported learning

We host our mentored class, the 3AHET at HTL Weiz



BT-Group News 45

Company News Issue 45

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Company News Issue 46

BT-Group News 44

Company News Issue 44