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Technicians become gardeners

BT-Anlagenbau independently rehabilitates biotope.


Unusual times require unusual measures. So the management decided to rehabilitate the biotope next to the BT-Anlagenbau headquarters, which had been pierced by roots, using its own staff.

Electrical and metal specialists, a carpentry expert as well as a gas, water and heating specialist joined forces to remove the existing biotope and, with the help of biotope expert Angelika Kern and pond expert Konrad Ecker to carry out the rehabilitation.

After 18 years, reed roots had pierced the foil completely and could only be pulled out from a depth of up to 2.5 metres with the help of a truck gripper. Foil and roots weighed more than 30 tonnes and were disposed of properly at great effort. The pond rehabilitation was lovingly carried out using the original plans from 2003. Part of the larch walls were carefully renewed and the pumping and power supply systems were modernised in the course of this. Countless expertly selected underwater and marsh plants as well as water lilies were planted and will make their contribution to water purification in the future.

Now visitors, passers-by and, of course, all staff members can enjoy the new and, above all, self-made biotope.

The management would like to thank all participants for their commitment to this unusual and challenging project!


30 tons of foils and reed roots were removed with the help of a truck gripper.


Biotope expert Angelika Kern together with the BT-Anlagenbau Team