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Bangok: HTL Weiz wins world championship title with the
inmoov BT-Anlagenbau humanoid robot.

When the world chess champion lost to IBM Deep Blue in 1997, technology history was made. 40 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence bore fruit in the media for the first time. Two months later, Sojourner, a self-contained robot, landed on Mars and successfully carried out NASA's first Mars Pathfinder mission. These two incisive events led to the founding of RoboCup.

RobocupJunior, the world's largest competition in robot technology for adolescents, gives the world's youngest scientists and technicians the chance to show their enthusiasm, curiosity and hard work. HTL Weiz has already won five world championship titles in this international competition. This July, the HTL Weiz team, consisting of Andrea Windisch, Thomas Baumkirchner, Markus Rauber and Manuel Schaumberger, brought the world championship title to Austria for the sixth time.

With their inmoov BT-Anlagenbau humanoid robot, which had resulted from an art project but was actually given life by the young people, the young scientists competed virtually in Bangkok. The competition started in the onStage area (technical knowledge and creativity) with the game Rock, paper, scissors. The jury chose their three characters live, which Andrea Windisch then played against the robot. The latter recognised the game prompt (audio recognition and voice output), played (building and programming), and simultaneously recognised whether it lost or won (image recognition). With two draws and one defeat, it was not a good match day for inmoov BT-Anlagenbau, but it meant a gold medal for the HTL Weiz team as World Champions 2022!

The dedicated team and the 180 cm tall robot, which was entirely made with a 3D printer, thus make HTL Weiz the world's most successful school in this field.

As a sponsor of the team, BT-Anlagenbau supports the innovative thinking of these young people with the utmost conviction because it is precisely those scientists who make history with their energy.

Video of the winning team's performance >> Link to the Video
A description by the team of how the robot works >> Link to the Video

Gerald Kreiner, Managing Director of BT-Anlagenbau, saw off the robotics team including the inmoov BT-Anlagenbau robot to the World Cup