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Double order intake

As a result, the company is looking for new employees



With tailored warehouse technology, modern electrical control cabinets and innovative automation and assembly solutions, BT-Anlagenbau has made a name for itself in the industry over the past 35 years. Thanks to large-scale new orders, the company scored a record order intake last year and is looking for 20 additional employees to meet the demands.

The slogan “Efficiency is the future” isn’t much more than lip service elsewhere, but for BT-Anlagenbau it’s not only a part of the company philosophy that has been put into practice from the very beginning, but also forms the basis of the very same economic success that causes the firm to look forward to a rosy future. The 120-employee company, which has long been one of Austria's top constructors of control cabinets thanks to its 3D electrical planning and precise machine processing of control cabinets, also scored highly last year with its intralogistics division ECE-LOG: Two major orders for the construction of fully automated high-bay warehouses in France and Slovenia received recently meant a new order intake record for the company. “Despite Corona,” as Managing Director Gerald Kreiner emphasises. “Although we have to deal with pandemic-related problems such as delivery delays for electrical components as well as numerous restrictions on business trips, we have the situation very well under control thanks to a strict hygiene concept and a high willingness to get vaccinated.”

Additionally, BT-Anlagenbau is currently causing a stir in the development of unique machines: For example, a multi-functional quality control machine that separates 100 percent of foreign objects from cashews or walnuts and pumpkin seeds before filling is about to be commissioned at the customer´s site.

These rosy future prospects also have an impact on staffing levels: The company is urgently looking for 20 employees, mainly for the e-planning, control cabinet construction, HVAC and programming departments.