• Image Processing

    Individual systems specially developed for specific processes


  • Image Processing

    Individual systems specially developed for specific processes


Quality Control Systems

The right solution for every task:
  • Sorting
  • Measuring
  • Surface inspection
  • Completeness control
  • Code reading
  • Optical charakter recognition
  • Color recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Error detection

Customized Technology

Let our experts help you ensure the quality of your product – with an individual concept that is as effective and as simple as possible. Using the latest camera technology, control steps in production, warehousing and packaging can be done with a minimum of manual effort. For each application, we choose the most suitable package from our portfolio of components. From simple optical sensors up to sophisticated solutions using high-speed image analysis. The results of the quality control can be recorded via suitable interfaces or used to improve overall quality by ejecting defective products.

Working closely with you, our specialists work out an individual concept for optical quality control that perfectly meets your requirements both on performance and price.

From simple sensor systems to real-time image processing with high-resolution cameras, we cover the whole spectrum of industrial image processing. Our consulting, design and installation services focus exactly on your specific needs.

Flexible Solutions for Your Needs

Efficient image processing makes it possible to filter a wide range of information out of the recorded data. Our experience makes it possible to solve complex and time-consuming problems that cannot be handled by standard software – quickly and efficiently. But we also supply cost-effective and simple solutions.

We supply not only the latest technology but also a practical touchscreen user interface which makes it easy to adjust the system settings. We also offer many statistical parameters that can be displayed locally on the user interface – or on networked computers anywhere on the production line. Our units can also be fully integrated into an overall control system.

Image Processing
Image processing is about extracting information from images. What may be an easy task for humans can quickly become a big challenge for computers. Depending on the type of information needed, a range of different camera systems are used – from simple color cameras to complex spectrometers. Since each type of camera extracts different types of information from the process, it is worth consulting with experienced experts who can design and realize a concept that works correctly. This is the only way you can be sure that your setup will extract the relevant information.


BT-Anlagenbau has been developing image processing software for more than ten years now, in order to create efficient solutions for complex problems in industry. Our quality control software supports specialized control steps in industry. Our software for sorting systems is the heart of REDWAVE, one of the best-selling sorting machines in the recycling sector.


Projects realised worldwide

Here you can view a selection of previous projects completed by BT-Anlagenbau.

We would be happy to send you a list of our references: Just send us an email or call us and we will immediately take care of your request.



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