• Image Processing

    Individual systems specially developed for specific processes


  • Image Processing

    Individual systems specially developed for specific processes


HSP Food Analyzer

The Software Package for Hyperspectral Data Processing

  • Software package for hyperspectral data processing
  • Preinstalled on a high-performance industrial PC
  • Spectral signals are transformed into I/O data in real time
  • Intuitive configuration without chemometric knowledge

Hyperspectral cameras in the food industry

Hyperspectral image processing is playing an increasingly important role in the food industry. Unlike other quality-control methods, it can be used to monitor the chemical composition of a food product in real time during processing. However, interpreting the output of hyperspectral cameras is a much more complex and less intuitive task than processing data from other quality control devices such as colour cameras. Therefore, using hyperspectral technology successfully depends on having an intuitive and easy-to-use data processing system. That is what BT-Anlagenbau is offering with the HSP Food Analyzer.

A Solution for Plant and Process Engineers

The HSP Food Analyzer makes it easy and economical for engineers to integrate hyperspectral cameras into their process systems. They only have to connect the high-performance industrial computer with the preinstalled HSP software package to their network and install a suitable hyperspectral camera. An easy-to-use software protocol allows any control system to communicate with the analyzer and use the data it supplies.

HSP Food Analyzer – Easy to Configure

Every HSP software package includes the HSP Configurator, which allows the user to configure the necessary recognition function easily and intuitively – without any expert help. The objects that need to be distinguished from each other are imaged, the differences are marked and then the recognition function is ready to use. The user interface of the HSP Configurator enables users to use the algorithms for spectral analysis by point and click, intuitively and without deeper knowledge. The users can check the outcome of their settings quickly and easily by means of false-colour pictures without having to analyze spectral signals.

Process Example:

The HSP Food Analyzer converts the spectral signals from the camera to I/O data in real time. The data can then be read and processed by a higher-level system (e.g. a PLC).


How does the HSP Food Analyzer work?

Every pixel from a hyperspectral camera consists of a spectral signal which in turn is made up of many hundreds of values. The HSP Food Analyzer converts this signal in real time into one that is suitable as an input for a control system. The signal that is sent to the control system is usually reduced to the relevant quality result for each pixel … usually a simple OK/not OK.

HSP Configurator

  • Intuitive representation of complex processes
  • Spectral signals displayed as false colour objects
  • System can be ‘taught’ new tasks in minutes

What is Hyperspectral Imaging?

In contrast to normal colour camera systems which register just three colour points per pixel (red, green and blue), hyperspectral cameras detect hundreds of points of spectral data per pixel. These data can be displayed as a spectral signal. Analyzing this signal by means of suitable mathematical algorithms, so-called chemometric methods, makes it possible to extract information on the chemical composition of the imaged object.

Objects in false colour

  1. 1. Each pixel of a hyperspectral camera consists of a spectral signal
  2. 2. False colour pictures of hyperspectral signals can visualise chemical changes that are invisible to the eye.
  3. 3. Mark these features in the HSP Configurator and a new recognition profile is created (green – product is good, red – product is bad).

HSP Food Analyzer Applications

Food in General

  • Monitoring of drying processes
  • Detecting foreign bodies
  • Measuring sugar content

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Measuring ripeness
  • Detecting bruises/compression points
  • Detecting sugar spots
  • Detecting shell/peel fragments


  • Measuring fat content
  • Measuring freshness

Recognition of overripe and spoiled spots

Measurement of fat; detection of parts with high fat content

Detection of pits, pit fragments and foreign objects

Measurement of ripeness and freshness


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