• Image Processing

    Individual systems specially developed for specific processes


  • Image Processing

    Individual systems specially developed for specific processes


CX Vision System

  • Label information
  • Text recognition
  • Type recognition
  • Volume measurement
  • Completeness check
  • Fully automatic post-processing
  • Measurement

The image processing system that adapts to your needs!

Quality control is not just a slogan but essential for a fully automated production flow. BT-Anlagenbau offers the CX Vision System as an effective and versatile system for the detection of cartons. High-performance cameras process all relevant data for process control in minimal time. The CX Vision System is available in three versions. The version Q provides quality control of the cartons. The quality control is mainly concerned with verification and retrieval of the integrity of the packaging. The version I is used for information processing. In doing so information from the packaging (label content, volume measurements, etc.) is passed to a host system. The information can be used for automatic assignment of the cartons, in order to minimize the manual effort of processes in manufacturing, storage and packaging. The CX Vision System thereby offers a range of interfaces to guarantee complete logging of the products. Furthermore, the CX Vision System I + Q is also offered as a cost effective combination of both systems.

Example: C48 Vision System for C48 cartons

An example of the use of the CX Vision System is the tobacco industry with C48 raw tobacco cartons. Here the system can be used for data collection in the storage or retrieval of raw tobacco cartons.

C48 Vision System I
The C48 Vision System I solves the problem of automatically detecting the batch number of the cartons. Using camera technology the most important labelling information and therefore also the batch number are automatically recorded and forwarded to a higher level system. Through a sophisticated character recognition technology very good results can be achieved even with heavily soiled labels. As a result error-free detection of almost 100% is achieved for essential batch numbers on the cartons. But also other information contained on the label can be detected.

C48 Vision System Q
After conveying the cartons damage can often occur to the strapping, which till now has mainly required time-consuming manual rework. The BT-Anlagenbau Vision System Q automates this step, detecting the missing strapping and automatically correcting the error.

C48 Vision System I+Q
The cost effective combination of information capture and quality control of C48 cartons. This system is also used successfully in the world’s biggest automatic raw tobacco warehouse of the JTI tobacco company.

The C48 Vision System is seamlessly integrated into the material flow.
C48 Vision System: The strapping is checked and corrected automatically.
C48 Vision System: Information processing by automatic batch number and text recognition.


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