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HSE-team Großauftrag Major contract in Ulmgasse, Graz successfully completed

The largest order for gas space and water heating in the company history.

In Ulmgasse in the west of Graz, a stylish designed residential complex with approx. 130 apartments has been created this year by the Granit construction company. The HSE-team, a division of BT Anlagenbau, was commissioned with the complete heating and sanitary installation for this construction project and was therefore able to congratulate itself on gaining the largest gas space and water heating contract in the history of the company. In addition, the entire ventilation system for the underground car park as well as a central hot water treatment plant were also implemented by the HSE-team. Throughout all phases of this project, the HSE-team‘s many years of experience as a specialist in heating, sanitary and ventilation installations has come into play. Implementation required precise project planning, reliable technicians and the highest awareness of quality and involved twelve months of construction up to August 2017 and more than 15,000 installation hours to complete. The management is justly proud of this great accomplishment in implementing this contract and congratulates the HSE-team on this extraordinary success!

„Wir sind stolz, dass wir von der Firma Granit mit der Umsetzung dieses Großauftrags beauftragt wurden, denn ein solches Projekt zu realisieren, schafft nur ein Unternehmen mit umfangreichem Know-how und höchstem Qualitätsdenken."

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