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Trainee of the Year 2014

Trainee with the Best Performance 2014

Trainee BT-Anlagenbau

2014 was the second year of the BT-Anlagenbau Trainees of the Year awards. Following the highly successful first year, the trainees were fired up and had a strong will to win. They knew that the winner would be getting a diploma, a trophy and the recognition of their efforts by the company management.

The three trainees who took the top places were honored in a prizegiving ceremony at the Christmas party. Third place went to Darius Christe (14.0 points), who at the same time won the prize for ‘Trainee with the Best Performance 2014’. He spent half a year working in Tula, Russia, where his dedication to his work was a big support to our on-location team.

Second place went to Michael Neuherz (13.1 points). And the prize for ‘Trainee of the Year 2014’ was won by Melvin Schabel (12.9 points), who exceeded the optimal target score of 10 points (based on top grades in each of 10 specified BT-Anlagenbau criteria) by 2.9 points.

At the moment, BT-Anlagenbau has places for 11 trainees. Proof of how committed the trainees are to their work, of their interest and talent exists in the form of their overall points average of 17 points. This score is derived from an average of 2 grade averages from the vocational school and 8 grades from the trainees’ work in the company. Their enthusiasm is felt throughout the company and we are sure they will pass it on to the next year’s intake of trainees, who will be joining us in August.

Prizegiving ceremony for the winners of ‘Trainee of the Year 2014’ (Melvin Schabel, left) and ‘Trainee with the Best Performance 2014’ (Darius Christe, right) at the BT-Anlagenbau Christmas party.

Gerald Kreiner
“It makes us very proud that our trainees are not just highly qualified, but also highly enthusiastic and able to take the initiative in their work. That’s what makes the difference between good and excellent workers”,

says Gerald Kreiner, General Manager of BT-Anlagenbau.


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