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Tobacco warehouse ready to roll

JTI: The biggest project in the history of BT-Anlagenbau is finished.

The official opening ceremony for the biggest project of BT-Anlagenbau to date took place on 11 June 2015.

As we reported in earlier issues of BT-News, the warehouse project for our client JTI Trier took a huge effort, and everyone rose to the challenge magnificently. A project of this size was only possible with perfect collaboration between the divisions ECE-LOG, Electrical and Automation Engineering, Purchasing, Fabrication and Installation. And an essential role was also played by our in-house Warehouse Control System (WCS).

The most impressive aspect of this project is its high performance, which leaves plenty of room for JTI‘s production to catch up with. The other remarkable feature is the absolute interruption-free design.

These two aspects delivered by BT-Anlagenbau make JTI Trier a very satisfied customer. The friction-free workflow, reliable compliance with deadlines and our competence levels, which are unbeaten in the current market, also helped.

The board of management congratulate the team of BT-Anlagenbau on this excellent achievement.

“This is the second project in which BT-Anlagenbau has proven itself as a competent and reliable partner of JTI. Once again, we saw excellent teamwork by all the people from BT who were involved.”
Heinz-Lothar Grün JTI
Heinz-Lothar Grün from JTI


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