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The Future Begins Here

BT-Anlagenbau at Jobday 2015

On 7 and 8 October 2015, Jobday came around again – the careers event for secondary students at the Kunsthaus Weiz.

The interested young people were able to talk to 42 employers from around the district of Weiz about the professions and work opportunities in their companies. The well-practiced team of Josef Wagner and fourth-year trainee Moritz Kirchpal were there to advise on the opportunities and challenges of working at BT-Anlagenbau.

The main activity on the first day was a parents‘ evening, but the second day was all about the students from grades 8 and 9. Many groups also came from other districts to give their students a full picture of their career prospects in Styria.

Sending an old hand and a young trainee turned out to be highly successful and aroused a lot of interest in BT-Anlagenbau and electrical engineering. Visiting students were able to chat easily to Mr. Kirchpal about his experiences as a trainee; Mr. Wagner was able to relate to parents, with a wider and longer-term perspective.

“It was exciting and a great experience to represent my company at the Jobday and to meet the next generation of trainees“, said Moritz Kirchpal.

After this successful involvement in the event in 2015, we are looking forward to presenting BT-Anlagenbau again this year.


BT-Anlagenbau is specialist and general contractor for plant construction in the area of storage technology and intralogistics, automation technology, image processing, switchgear manufacturing and electrical industrial installations. Our products are successfully deployed all over the world and stand for efficiency and quality.

We advise you from the initial planning phase to the successful completion of the project. Naturally, all our products comply with the latest current regulations and of course we are ISO & SCC certified.



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