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Prize: A trip to RoboCup 2016

Trainee of the Year 2015, Andreas Posch, won a trip to the robotics world championship in Leipzig.

BT-Anlagenbau RoboCup 2016
BT-Anlagenbau RoboCup 2016
BT-Anlagenbau RoboCup 2016

The world cup of intelligent robots, which took place from 30 June to 4 July 2016 in Leipzig, brought 3,500 competitors from 45 countries to Germany. As always, one of the teams was the ECE-LOGistik Team Austria from HTL Weiz technical school, once again sponsored by BT-Anlagenbau, which in past years has collected five world titles in their disciplines.

For Andreas Posch, a fourth-year apprentice at BT-Anlagenbau, the event was a special experience. As part of his prize for being Trainee of the Year in 2015, he won the chance to accompany the team to Leipzig and support them in the competition.

The team was entered in two key disciplines. In the ‘On Stage’ competition, the challenge is to produce a performance on a stage that involves technical moves demonstrating the use of technology and sensors, and balance. Then there is the Super Team competition, in which different teams who have not met before have to work together to solve a set challenge. The ECE-LOGistik Team and Andreas Posch were drawn with a Japanese and a Turkish team and together they rebuilt and reprogrammed their robots so that they could act in a coordinated manner.

As Andreas Posch reports: “I got a great chance to see how the sensors and technology in these different kinds of robots work”. And that is surely true for many participants, who brought a total of over 1,200 robots to Leipzig. They competed in the disciplines of football, service, rescue, industry, and the junior leagues and once again raised the level of technology involved. Gerald Kreiner, CEO of BT-Anlagenbau is enthusiastic about this and offers many young developers a chance to exercise their creativity as interns at BT-Anlagenbau.

This year, the ECE-LOGistik Team took 11th place in the individual discipline ‘Junior On Stage Secondary’ and 4th place in the ‘Super Team’ competition. The management of BT-Anlagenbau congratulate the team and are looking forward to an exciting year of developing the robots for next year‘s round of the RoboCup.

Trained for success!

From left to right: Andreas Posch, Martin Palos, Simon Hacker


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