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Quality control from door to door

BT-Anlagenbau monitors consignments with shock indicators.

Quality is everything. Technicians, materials, design, fabrication – all of these aspects are interrelated and must be traceable.

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Trainees report

– experiences at work

Report from Melvin Schabel and Moritz Kirchpal.

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Tobacco warehouse ready to roll

JTI: The biggest project in the history of BT-Anlagenbau is finished.

The official opening ceremony for the biggest project of BT-Anlagenbau to date took place on 11 June 2015.

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Strong characters in BT-Anlagenbau

Young teammates did us proud at the 11th presentation competition for trainees in Styria.

Excellent employees really begin to flourish when they get encouragement, responsibility and feedback. So we make sure that at BT-Anlagenbau everyone reaches their full potential – especially the trainees.

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The future is now!

BT-Anlagenbau is investing today in the technicians of tomorrow.

First-class know-how, precise work and high motivation are what make the BT-Anlagenbau team special. Because we naturally want to keep it that way, we are investing in quality assurance, training and of course young people.

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Trainee of the Year 2014

Trainee with the Best Performance 2014

2014 was the second year of the BT-Anlagenbau Trainees of the Year awards. Following the highly successful first year, the trainees were fired up and had a strong will to win.

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The New Brand: ECE-LOG

Successful Presentation at LogiMAT 2015

With more than 1100 exhibitors from 27 countries, in a show covering 85,000 m2 of floor area, the LogiMAT in Stuttgart is one of the most important trade fairs for distribution, material and information flows.

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CX Vision image recognition

The image recognition system for logistics

Quality control is not just a buzz-word, it is an essential function of any automated production process. With the CX Vision System, BT-Anlagenbau presents an effective and versatile system for sensing of cardboard box packaging.

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BT-Anlagenbau Excited about World Championship

Team ECE-LOGistik Austria

BT-Anlagenbau is main sponsor of the robotics team of HTL Weiz and will be following their fortunes with interest in the run-up to the 2015 RoboCup in Shanghai.

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