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500 tonne crane moves stacker crane in high-bay warehouse.

In only 10 months construction time, the ECE-LOG division of BT-Anlagenbau was able to complete the high-bay warehouse extension for the Dr. Franz Feurstein special paper mill.

One of the biggest challenges in this project was the relocation of an existing 27 tonne stacker crane with a total height of 30 metres, as well as the introduction of an additional, new stacker crane. These stacker cranes were successfully moved and loaded under the most difficult conditions using a 250 tonne and a 500 tonne crane. Working in a very tight time slot, where the wind speeds needed to be less than 20 km/h, with lifting tolerances of less than 30 mm, the stacker cranes were lifted into place, with the assistance of the 40 metre long guide cables, thanks to the masterful skills of the crane drivers.

This project included overall installation of an impressive 300 tonnes of structural steel and the fitting of over 2,500 m² of hall façades, on which 250 sensors were installed and an incredible 100,000 metres of cables laid for the electrical system. In addition there were 1,100 sprinkler heads to protect the plant. Experts from BT-Anlagenbau installed and commissioned 18 new conveyor elements from AAT and 94 drives together with 94 frequency inverters. A double transverse transfer carriage from AAT, for goods up to 5.3 tonnes was deployed for the first time.

In addition 1,160 new channels were created with the expansion of this high-bay warehouse.

The management would like to congratulate the fantastic project team!



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