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CX Vision image recognition

The image recognition system for logistics


  • Label information
  • Text recognition
  • Type recognition
  • Volume measurement


  • Completeness check
  • Fully automatic post-processing
  • Measurement

Optimised process costs

Quality control is not just a buzz-word, it is an essential function of any automated production process. With the CX Vision System, BT-Anlagenbau presents an effective and versatile system for sensing of cardboard box packaging. High-performance cameras process all the QC-relevant data at high speed. The CX Vision System is available in three versions. Version Q is for quality control of the packaging: mainly to check the integrity of the packaging and to repair it if necessary. Version I is for information processing. It passes label information, volume measurements, etc. to a higher-level IT system, where it can be used for automatic tracking and direction of the boxes. This reduces manual work in production, warehousing and packaging processes. The CX Vision System offers a range of interfaces to ensure full recording of the products. Also, the two versions are available in combination as the CX Vision System I+Q at an attractive price.

One example of the CX Vision Systems in use is in the tobacco industry, for handling the C48 cardboard boxes used for raw tobacco. The system is used for data sensing on boxes entering and leaving the warehouse.

JTI Trier Tobacco Warehouse
In the large warehouse of JTI in Trier, the C48 Vision System I solves the problem of reading the batch number on the boxes. The camera technology reads the batch number and other important label information, and passes the data up to a higher-level system. Advanced text-recognition technology allows good results even with heavily soiled labels; the recognition rate of the extremely important batch number is close to 100%.

During transport, the plastic straps around the boxes are often damaged; previously, they were replaced labor-intensively by hand. The Vision System Q from BT-Anlagenbau automates this process by detecting where straps are missing and adding new straps automatically.

The problem of automatically detecting the batch number of the cartons. Using camera technology, the most important labeling information and therefore also the batch number are automatically recorded and forwarded to a higher-level system. Through a sophisticated character recognition technology, very good results can be achieved even with heavily soiled labels. As a result, error-free detection of almost 100% is achieved for essential batch numbers on the cartons. But also other information contained on the label can be detected.

After conveying the cartons damage can often occur to the strapping, which till now has mainly required time-consuming manual rework. The BT-Anlagenbau Vision System Q automates this step, detecting the missing strapping and automatically correcting the error.


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