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International quality assurance trade fair

BT-Anlagenbau presents optical quality assurance in Stuttgart.

Between 24 and 27 April, like every year, BT-Anlagenbau will showcase itself and its unique optical quality assurance products at the Control, the quality assurance trade fair in Stuttgart.

The main focus will be on its latest product, the HSP Product Analyzer, the answer to high demand for hyperspectral camera technology in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. What could previously only be examined in the laboratory in the form of random samples can now be quality controlled in-line in your production line as a 100 % check.

The amazing HSP Food Analyzer for in-line product control in the food industry will also be shown this year. Due to the unique hyperspectral data processing technology, product-specific and external quality defects in the food are detected in real time and compared with the target condition. This drastically reduces product returns and production losses. Regardless of whether or not it is distinguishable by colour, this technology can also detect non-visible defects.

Automated quality defect detection in the production process
Extend your sample control to include fully automated in-line control in your production and increase your product safety through continuous process monitoring. No matter what your requirements are, we will work with you to develop your solution.

See for yourself and visit us at the Control 2018!
Free tickets are available through the following link:


BT-Anlagenbau is specialist and general contractor for plant construction in the area of storage technology and intralogistics, automation technology, image processing, switchgear manufacturing and electrical industrial installations. Our products are successfully deployed all over the world and stand for efficiency and quality.

We advise you from the initial planning phase to the successful completion of the project. Naturally, all our products comply with the latest current regulations and of course we are ISO & SCC certified.



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