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80,000 metres of cable installed at temperatures of 40°C

BT-Anlagenbau defies the heat wave in eastern Austria

At the end of September 2019, BT-Anlagenbau finished work at one of its most challenging construction sites this year. 25 electrical fitters have been working at our customer and chipboard producer FunderMax in Neudörfl in Burgenland, since mid-May 2019, which included the summer heat wave with outside temperatures up to 40°C. For the erection of a new plant for recycling waste wood, our team of specialists has laid 80,000 metres of cable, 2,500 metres of cable trays and 1,000 metres of aluminium conduit. This involved preparing installing and connecting 50 control cabinets, which lined up in a row would stretch for a distance of more than 60 meters, as well as 65 control panels.

Despite the extreme weather conditions, with our precise planning, extensive expertise and highly motivated engineers, the contract was completed in late September 2019, with a total of
13,500 man-hours for installation.

The management is particularly proud of the way this contract has been implemented and would like to thank the hard-working project team for their great work!




BT-Anlagenbau is specialist and general contractor for plant construction in the area of storage technology and intralogistics, automation technology, image processing, switchgear manufacturing and electrical industrial installations. Our products are successfully deployed all over the world and stand for efficiency and quality.

We advise you from the initial planning phase to the successful completion of the project. Naturally, all our products comply with the latest current regulations and of course we are ISO & SCC certified.



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